Tuna Salad

Why am I writing a blog post at 1:30 am when I have to be at work at 8:30 am? Great question – I am so glad you asked!

I’m making tuna salad for my lunch tomorrow, because I didn’t do it earlier, because I took an eight-hour nap this afternoon after church, and I have no idea why. I guess this whole “new job” thing is stressing me out a bit more than I thought it was. The job is great – don’t get me wrong – but it will be even better when I know what I’m doing !! I keep telling myself that by the time all my friends are back for school I’ll be a pro at it.

Tomorrow I’m taking in a whole set of supplies to help make this week super successful. First, I’ve got a mason jar for water so I don’t have to keep using styrofoam cups. Along those lines I’m bringing in my “Good Mythical Morning” mug that Sam got me for Christmas for my afternoon cups of tea – also Earl Grey tea and a mason jar filled with milk. How could this week possibly be anything but great with two mason jars and a “Good Mythical Morning” mug? It’s basically the Millenial Starter Pack (Hipster Edition) for Winning at New Jobs. Maybe next week I’ll upgrade to the Deluxe package by bringing in my French Press. 😛

PS – If you don’t know what “Good Mythical Morning” is – treat yo self! (to this video):



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Philosopher/Writer. Passionate. Insatiable desire to help people and fight injustice. Resilient.

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