Day Two ✔

Andddd today was my second day of working full time. Not gonna lie – I was sick with anxiety going into the office yesterday morning. Venti caramel macchiato in hand, brand new purse in the other, and clad in official-ish clothes, I at least looked the part. In my head, I was fighting a surge of negative thoughts, but my roommate assured me that at this point it would take way too much work for them to fire me, so as long as I was not horrible, I’d probably be okay.

To my surprise, the whole experience the first day was positive. Overwhelming in terms of the learning curve – so much legalese to master – but everyone has been extremely supportive and kind and happy to help. 

Today has been no less encouraging and a little less overwhelming. When I was seventeen, I used to daydream about working in an office and drinking coffee and wearing business clothes. Here I am – now I’ve just got to learn how to do the job !