14 Months In Four Paragraphs

This is where I apologize for disappearing from my barely-begun blog for over a year and present the reasons why and promise to be more faithful as a writer. So..

1. I am sorry.
2. Life happened.
3. I will try to be better at keeping up with this blog.

Now that we have that out of the way, here is a brief summary of the past year or so in four paragraphs:

Falling in Love at First Sight

I met a guy right after midnight on a Saturday in June 2017. His name is Brian. His hair is dirty blond and goes every which way. His eyes are green or maybe hazel. I can never decide. And, as one of my favorite books once described, “his shoulder looked like a place meant for my head to rest.” He took me on a date the very next evening and we’ve been together ever since. We both love music and literature and truth and rain and learning and I could go on for hours, so I will spare you and stop there. We have a little apartment together now and after a hectic few months we are finally finishing unpacking and it is really starting to look like home. Also, we are in love.

Promotion to Paralegal

About three months after accepting the position as a receptionist at the law firm, the paralegal position became open and my boss offered me a promotion and gave me the opportunity to learn the ropes on the job. My background in English and my rad receptionist skills were apparently more impressive than I thought. The first several months following were challenging to say the least. I had no idea what I was doing and I constantly felt like they were going to find out that I am actually an incompetent failure who just happens to be very friendly and well-meaning. However, I started gaining more confidence around the beginning of the new year and the job gradually became less stressful. I am just a couple weeks shy of reaching my first full year as a paralegal. Woo-hoo!


Thanks to my boss and my family, I now have a driver’s license and a silver Kia Soul. Driving is my favorite thing and now that I have my own means of transportation, I can’t believe how long I depended on Uber and Lyft and favors from friends just to get to work and back and buy groceries, etc. Life with my very own car has eliminated so many problems and brought my stress-level down immensely. To be able to get into my car every morning and play my own music and drive to work and then drive home – or stop at the store, or help a friend, or any number of other things – without having to wonder if I am going to have enough money from day to day to get to the places I need to go is a glorious reality. I truly feel like an independent person now.

Musical Success

Life in south Florida is expensive, so I decided to put my years of music school to use and start my own piano studio through advertisements on Facebook groups. The response was immediate and enthusiastic.  I now have 7 students and a growing waiting-list. Initially I advertised as an in-home teacher since I did not own a piano, but through a couple of really special people at the PBA music department, arrangements were made to give and deliver to me a beautiful baby grand piano, with only the slightest traces of wear and tear. It all but swallows up our living room, but Brian and I positioned it next to our large front window and it is truly aesthetically sublime. Practicing is a joyful thing now that I can simultaneously enjoy a view of the outside – not to mention the comfort of being in my own home. And now, as a piano-teaching paralegal, I am actually using my liberal arts education with concentrations in Music and English in the real world.

Thanks for reading – you are now up to date on my life! (More or less) Stay tuned for upcoming installments. . . potentially with pictures.